Saturday, January 2, 2016

Open Registration for Spring 2016

Happy New Year!!!  We are excited to announce that our Spring 2016 Semester is now open for registration.

Below (and also under our Files Tab) you will find links to our Schedule, Registration Forms, and Handbook. Please take the time to review the documents carefully, making sure to understand and agree with the policies before signing and enrollment.

Payment will include the Family Enrollment Fee of $25, a Family Insurance Fee of $10 (required by the church), and the one time Class Fees per student.  We accept cash, check, or PayPal (using the email address, also save paying additional fees by choosing the GIFT/Family/Friend option). 

If you would like to use Box Tops for credit, use the collection sheet at this website  or carefully clip and seal in a zip-lock baggie 60 Box Tops for a credit of $5.00.

Please remember that several classes will reach their maximum capacity fairly quickly, as this is first come - first served.  Families will be enrolled as all forms and payment are received.  If a class has reached it's enrollment limit, students will be enrolled in the second choice listed.  We will write email confirmations only if your first choice classes are not received; please know that we do this as quickly as possible, but also have responsibilities outside of FS that need our attention.

You may return your forms and payments to any Board Member or email them to

Registration will close at midnight, Friday, January 11th (unless maximum enrollment is reached sooner).  Our spring session will meet Fridays, Jan 22- Apr 22 with no classes during Easter Weekend (March 18th) or Spring Break (April 8th).

For more information regarding submitting your Registration forms or ask questions, please email:

Spring 2016 Schedule

Spring 2016 Registration Forms