Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Almost April Reminders

  • Teacher Reimbursement Requests are due NO later than April 8th. This is so that we can close out our financial statements to both FS and BCHE at the end of the semester. Because of deadlines, we can NOT accept any requests handed in after April 8th.  Get your supplies ready for April 15th early!
  • Park Day - this Friday (April 1st)! We will be meeting after FS at Redbud Park for fellowship, play, and a fun game of Kickball!!! Bring a picnic lunch for your family and join us! Please feel free to invite other homeschool families not involved with FS as this is open to any homeschool family. 
  • Fall 2011 Teacher Applications will be e-mailed out this week  There will be a list of class ideas on our Facebook page – please feel free to add to it!  We will also have a list available at SMP - we would love for moms to brainstorm during their SMP hour and come up with a list of possible classes they would like to see taught at FS. Include what you would like to teach, as well as things that you don’t feel able to teach the class, put it on the list! We never know what God will lay on someone’s heart to teach! Applications are due by May 31st.
  • Inventory Sale!!!  This is something new to our FS families – we have an abundance of unused supplies in our Friday School closet and we’d like to offer them first to our families (before other homeschoolers in the community)! We will have all types of supplies including art, literature, math, science, etc!  Board members will be organizing and pricing over the next few weeks and the sale will be held on the last day of our Spring Semester. Parents may come by during their SMP hour, or after FS (until 12:30) and browse. If you have any questions please e-mail FS or contact Jen Rector.
  • Class Supplies – any leftover supplies from the Spring semester need to be turned in as soon as possible in preparation for our Inventory Sale. (If you know that you are finished with it, please go ahead and turn it back in.)  All supplies are due by April 15th.

As always, if you have any questions concerning any of the above, please e-mail Friday School. We are looking forward to our upcoming events and hope to see you all at both the Park Day and the Inventory Sale!

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