Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fall 2017 Open Registration

Our Fall 2017 Schedule is ready! Let Registration commence!

Below you will find links to our online Student Registration, Parent Registration, Handbook, and the Schedule. Please take the time to review the Handbook carefully, making sure to understand and agree with the policies before enrolling. 

When applying, make sure to register all students BEFORE filling in the Parent Registration. You will need to keep track of your fees to record the cost on the final Parent Registration. Your forms will not be recorded or saved until you choose the Submit button.  We are saving optional t-shirt ordering until later in the month.

Payment will include the Family Enrollment Fee of $25, a Family Insurance Fee of $10 (required by the church), and the one time Class Fees per student.  We accept cash, check, or PayPal ( Remember to save paying additional fees by choosing the GIFT/Family/Friend option. 

If you would like to use Box Tops for credit, use the collection sheet at this website or carefully clip 60 Box Tops and seal in a ziplock Baggie with your name for a credit of $5.00. Make certain they are not expired and are clipped accurately, or they will be returned to you.

Please remember that several classes will reach their maximum capacity fairly quickly, as this is first come - first served. Families will be enrolled as all forms and payment are received. Our online registration will record your time stamp. Your timestamp will be reserved as long as payment is received within 24 hours. If a class has reached it's enrollment limit, students will be enrolled in the second choice listed. You will see a closing screen confirmation, but we will not confirm class placement until the close of Registration. If you are a Facebook user, you will be added to the FS Facebook Spring 2017 page as confirmation for completion and payment.

Registration will close at midnight, Friday, August 25th (unless maximum enrollment is reached sooner). We will try to get class lists out to you over that weekend.

Friday School classes will meet from 8:45am to noon on Fridays, September 8th through November 17th, 11 weeks total. 

We are anxious to get this school year started and prayerful that this will be a wonderful semester for all of our homeschooling community.
The Friday School Board

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